RecPlex Emergency Shelter

RecPlex is an Emergency ShelterAdvance emergency planning can help to keep you and your family safe when severe weather or a disaster strikes. Emergency management agencies through local media and other means work to provide advance notification and offer instructions to help you protect your family.

At times, those instructions may include seeking shelter. Not all homes and businesses in the area are equipped with a basement or other safe place to seek shelter. RecPlex, located inside Prairie Springs Park at 9900 Terwall Terrace, is designated as an Emergency Shelter for the area. During inclement weather or other emergency situations, area residents may come to RecPlex to seek shelter.

During normal operating hours, doors to the facility remain open for the public to enter. Those seeking shelter should use the main entrance on the south side of the facility. Outside of regular business hours, staff have been instructed to open the facility. Those seeking shelter outside of regular business hours would also use the main entrance on the south side of the facility.

On rare occasions when the facility is not staffed, should you need to take shelter during an emergency situation at RecPlex and you reach the building prior to a designated staff member, you can contact public safety personnel at 262.694.7353. They will be able to ensure that the appropriate personnel reach the facility to open it for those seeking shelter.
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