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We’re online for your convenience! If your citation says “APPERANCE REQUIRED? NO” you can transact most court business here without having to appear in-person or virtually no the court date shown on your citation. Check the appropriate box(es) below if one of these convenience options works for you. If so, then you may be excused from appearing on that date and we’ll send you further information. This service is provided as a convenience option. You may still appear in-person or virtually on your court date in you choose.

Online Court Services
I would like to please not guilty to my citation(s) listed below. I understand that I will be required to attend a pretrial conference with the prosecutor and, if my case is not resolved, then there will be a trial before the judge. I also understand that while my case is pending start law requiring me to notify the court of any change in my address with five days.
 Not Guilty


I would like to plead guilty or no contest to my citation(s) listed below. A “no contest” plea is not an admission of guilt. Although you will be found guilty of the charge(s) a “no contest” please cannot be used as an admission of guilt in another action such as if you were in an accident and someone sued you. You may pay your citation(s) online, by phone, in-person at the Village Hall. Click here for more information on paying online or by phone. You will have at least 30 days to pay. You may ask for additional time to pay if you need it. Failure to pay by the deadline could result in sanctions including suspension of your driver’s license, commitment to the county jail or a referral of the balance sure to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or a collection agency for collection. You may also explain any mitigating circumstances (such as fixing an equipment violation or getting an unregistered vehicle licenses) in the comments section below. If you were cited for driving without a valid license or after suspension but your Wisconsin driving privilege is now valid you may be found guilty of the “zero point” violation of failure to carry and exhibit a driver’s license [343.18(1)] if you e-mail proof to [email protected] before your scheduled court date. You will still have to pay the citation but no demerit points will be assessed against your Wisconsin driving record for this alternative offense
 No contest


I would like the court to dismiss my citation for failing to carry and exhibit my driver's license [343.18(1)] or failure to have proof of insurance [344.62(2)] because I have a valid license or insurance at the time I was ticketed. I e-mailed a photo (JPEG file) or scan (PDF file) of my license or insurance card to [email protected]. The court will notify you my e-mail of the judge’s decision
 Dismiss my citation


I missed my court date and would like to reopen my citation(s).Please explain why you failed to appear circumstances in the comments section below. The judge will consider your request but is not required to accept it. If accepted any default judgment(s) will be vacated and you will be given a new court date at which your appearance will be required. Sometimes payment of a reopening fee is required before a case if reopened and, if so, you will be notified.
 Reopen my citation


I would like to appear in court but cannot do so on the court date shown on my citation.I have not been granted a prior continuance. Please e-mail me a new court date. I would prefer to appear (check appropriate boxes):
 In-person during a morning session
 In-person during a evening session
 Virtually via Zoom during a morning session
 Virtually via Zoom during a evening session


I need more time to pay my citation(s)and have not been given an extension in the past. Please explain your circumstances in the comments section below.
 More time


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