Ring Neighbors

Pleasant Prairie Police Department Joins Ring Neighbors
Posted on 08/24/2020
The Pleasant Prairie Police Department has joined Ring Neighbors, a network that allows residents to share safety concerns about local crime with the community. With the Neighbors app, users can post videos captured from cameras, distribute photos, post text, and receive real-time safety alerts.
"There are numerous Ring cameras in our community, and we understand the value those cameras can provide during investigations," said Dave Smetana, Police Chief. "Being able to reach out on the Neighbors app when there is a crime or incident and ask the community to share footage and information is incredible. The technology allows public safety agencies to create safer communities by connecting with residents in a new way."
From a law enforcement standpoint, the Police Department can view posts and ask residents for any videos they may have captured. Police can reach out in real-time for support by electronically messaging users in areas where crimes occur. The process assists the Police in obtaining essential data. Having access to the video footage will help solve crimes in Pleasant Prairie more efficiently and keep the community safe by deterring future crimes. 
Residents do not need a Ring device to join Neighbors. Anyone can participate by downloading the Neighbors app to their smartphone. Devices with the app can receive updates and post photos, text, or videos. All posts are anonymous, a user's name or address would only be shown if a user chooses to display the information.

The Neighbors app will work in tandem with the Community Camera Partnership, an ongoing crime-fighting partnership with Village residents. It enables residents to share video footage from home security cameras if a crime or suspicious activity occurs. The two platforms are modern-day extensions of the Neighborhood Watch Program. All aspects of these programs are entirely voluntary. Police would not have remote access to security systems or Ring devices. The homeowner remains in complete control of their camera systems.
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