Animal Problem

If you need to report an animal problem you can contact the Pleasant Prairie Police Department by calling their non-emergency number at 262.694.7353.

Animal Bites

Contact the Police Department to report an animal bite.

Dogs Running at Large

No dog may run at large within the Village of Pleasant Prairie. Any owner or keeper of any dog found to be running at large will be responsible  and shall be subject to the penalty without regard to whether or not the owner or keeper intended that the dog run at large.

Number of Dogs

No person shall keep, house or maintain more than four adult dogs one year or older on any separate parcel of real estate located within the Village of Pleasant Prairie unless the property has received a valid conditional use permit from the Village.

Dangerous Dogs

A determination by the Police Chief that a dog has bitten, attacked or injured any person shall constitute a prima facie showing that such dog is dangerous. Any dog cited by the Police Chief as being dangerous shall be immediately impounded at the expense of the owner or keeper. Read further details about the ordinance relating to dangerous dogs here.

Removal of Animal Waste

It is illegal to allow an animal to defecate or urinate upon the public property of the Village, the rights-of-way of the Village and the private property of another other than the owner or keeper of said animal. If an animal  defecates upon property other than that of the owner of the animal, he/she must immediately clean up the feces and make proper disposal of it, in a reasonable period of time so as not to endanger the health and safety of the public.

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