Village Standard Details

Sanitary Sewer

SAN-1:    Standard Sanitary Manhole  (PDF) (DWG)

SAN-2:    Standard Sampling Manhole (PDF) (DWG)

SAN-2A:  Palmer-Bowlus Flume Detail (1 of 2) (PDF) (DWG)

SAN-2B: Palmer-Bowlus Flume Detail (2 of 2) (PDF) (DWG)

SAN-3:   Sanitary Riser #1 (PDF) (DWG)

SAN-4:   Sanitary Riser #2  (PDF) (DWG)

SAN-5:   Standard Pipe Abandonment at Existing Manhole  (PDF) 

SAN-6:   Standard Pipe Abandonment at Existing Main  (PDF) (DWG)

Storm Sewer

STM-1:   Standard Storm Manhole (PDF) (DWG)

STM-2:   Standard Storm Manhole w/ Curb Inlet (PDF) (DWG)

STM-3:   Precast Rectangular Catch Basin (PDF) (DWG)

STM-4:   Standard Beehive Catch Basin (PDF) (DWG)

STM-4A: 24 Inch Beehive Inlet (PDF) (DWG)

STM-5:   Standard Endwall Grate (PDF) (DWG)

STM-6:   Rip-Rap Treatment at Endwalls (PDF) (DWG)

STM-7:   HDPE to RCP (Belled End) Connection Detail (PDF) (DWG)

STM-8:   Concrete Collar Pipe Repair (PDF) (DWG)

Chimney Seal

CS-1:      Chimney Seal Detail ( PDF) (DWG)

Water Main

W-1:       Standard Hydrant Assembly (PDF) (DWG)

W-2:       Air Release Hydrant Assembly (PDF) (DWG)

W-3:       Standard Gate Valve Box Setting (PDF) (DWG)

W-4:       Standard Butterfly Valve Box Setting (PDF) (DWG)

W-5:       Buttress For Bends (PDF) (DWG)

W-5A:     Buttress For Tees (PDF) (DWG)

W-5B:     Buttress For Dead Ends (PDF) (DWG)

W-6:       Hydrant Offsets (PDF) (DWG)

W-7:       Hydrant Parallel to Main (PDF) (DWG)

W-8:       Abandoning Valves and Water Main Service Connections  (PDF) (DWG)

W-9:       Water Main Vertical Offset (PDF)  (DWG)

W-10:     Water Main Insulation Detail  (PDF)  (DWG)

Fire Department

FD-1:     Pumper Pad FDC (PDF) (DWG)

FD-2:     Development Hydrant Bollard (PDF) (DWG)

FD-3:     Fire Lane Marking and Signing  (PDF) (DWG)

Tracer Wire

TW-1:    Tracer Wire Access Box (PDF) (DWG)

TW-2:    Tracer Wire Installation on Sanitary & Storm Sewers (PDF) (DWG)

TW-3:    Tracer Wire Installation on Water Main (PDF) (DWG)  

TW-4:    Tracer Wire Installation on Fire Hydrant (PDF) (DWG)   
TW-5:    Tracer Wire Installation on Water Service (PDF) (DWG)


RD-1:     Standard Residential Minor Street Section (PDF) (DWG)

RD-2:     Standard Residential / Commercial Collector Street Section (PDF) (DWG)

RD-3:     Standard Industrial Street Section (PDF) (DWG)

RD-4      Standard Residential Boulevard Section (PDF) (DWG

RD-5:     Standard Residential Cul-De-Sac Detail (PDF) (DWG)

RD-6:     Temporary Cul-De-Sac Turnaround Detail (PDF) (DWG)

RD-7:     Standard “Private” Minor Residential Street Section (PDF) (DWG)

RD-8:     Standard “Private” Residential Minor Street Cul-De-Sac Detail (PDF) (DWG)

RD-9:     Standard Curb and Gutter Details (PDF) (DWG)

RD-10:   Standard Concrete Sidewalk Detail (PDF) (DWG)

RD-11:   Standard Asphalt Pedestrian Path Detail (PDF) (DWG)

RD-12:   Standard Concrete Drive Approach (Mountable Curb) (PDF) (DWG)

RD-13:   Standard Concrete Drive Approach (Vertical Curb) (PDF) (DWG)

RD-14:   Edgedrain in Urban Roadway Detail  (PDF) (DWG)

RD-15:   Utility Patch Detail (Composite and Concrete Roadways) (PDF) (DWG)

RD-16:   Utility Patch Detail (Asphalt Roadways) (PDF) (DWG)

RD-17:   Curb Head Sawcut Detail (PDF) (DWG)

RD-18:   Roadway Sign Detail Detail (PDF) (DWG)


L-1:        Standard Street Tree Planting Detail (PDF) (DWG)

L-2:        Standard Shrub Planting Detail (PDF) (DWG)

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