Station 1 - 3801 Springbrook Rd.Station #1 Winter 
Recently constructed in 2015, The new Station 1 has larger apparatus 
bays to house the more modern fire trucks. It also houses specialized fire equipment such as a Zodiac boat, equipment trailer, and ATV. The new station also contains 8 semi-private sleeping dorms.

Assigned to Station 1 is a minimum of three (3) personnel each day and two (2) pumper-tanker fire engines, a brush truck, and an ambulance.

Station 2 - 8044 88th Avenue
The first and only fire station in the Town of Pleasant Prairie was originally located in the 7300 block of 75th Street (STH 50), the current site of Menard's. Housed within a former potato barn, the fire department shared this building with the Pleasant Prairie Public Works Department. The building was renamed Station 2 when the east side fire station was constructed in 1967.

Station 2 was eventually relocated to its present location at 8044 88th Avenue, when in 1974 the Public Safety Building was constructed as home to both the Fire and Police Departments. An apartment configuration similar to Station 1 was created within the fire department of the Public Safety Building, as home to a full-time firefighter and his family. His wife also served as a fire dispatcher and covered the remaining 3.5 days of the week.

By the early 1990s, both the Fire and Police Departments were growing and their respective needs changed; essentially the Public Safety Building was too small for both departments to share. In 1994, the Police Department relocated to 8600 Green Bay Road (STH 31) in a building that would also become the new home of the Municipal Court and Public Works Department.

In 1999, the Fire & Rescue Department received funding to perform renovations and needed repairs to the 25-year-old structure and grounds. Mr. Frank Wilson, a Pleasant Prairie resident and the original architect of the building, was asked to direct the project that transformed the entire building into a fire station and to oversee the needed repairs. Repairs included the complete replacement of driveways and parking areas, replacing the original roof, adding a cost-efficient heating system to the fire truck garage and turning a former three (3) police car garage into a modern training room.

Visitors to Station 2 should take time to view our historical fire and rescue memorabilia displayed in an attractive trophy cabinet designed by one of the full-time Firemedics.

Assigned to Station 2 is a minimum of three (3) personnel each day and a pumper-tanker fire engine, a pumper, a reserve pumper, an aerial platform truck, a brush truck, an ambulance, and a equipment squad.

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